Everypaw Pet insurance reviews: Is it Good for your Pet?

Everypaw Pet Insurance Reviews
Variety of plans: 10/10Fees: 9/10
Customer reviews: 9.7/10Customer support:10/10


  • 98% of claims get paid
  • Multiple Pets get Discount
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to UK vet nurses and vets with Petcall
  • Easy to use and Manage Policies on an online portal


  • The 14-day waiting period after Buying the Policy
  • For accidents or poisoning, the first 3 days aren’t covered

Are you looking for Everypaw pet insurance Reviews? check out all the details about Everypaw insurance, its plans, terms, and condition, whether it is for you, and how much premium you should pay monthly or yearly. Know which pets are insured by Everypaw insurance etc.

Everypaw Pet Insurance Reviews

Everypaw pet insurance is one of the reputed insurance companies in the UK Which provides insurance for pets like Dods, cats, rabbits, etc. It was awarded as best Dog insurance in December 2021 by Which?. They have received multiple awards from feefo and defaqto too.

What Type Of Pet Insurance Plan Does Everypaw Offer?

  1. Dog Insurance: Currently you can get a Free GPS Dog Tracker by using the (Promo code: GPSTRACKER)
  2. Cat Insurance: Currently you can get a Free GPS Cat Tracker by using the (Promo code: GPSTRACKER)
  3. Rabbit Insurance: This will help you cover the unexpected vet bills of your bunny

How Do I Make A Claim With A EveryPaw

If you then need to make a claim, please log into the Pet Portal or call Everypaws claim department on 0344 543 1009

What Extra Can You Add To Your Everypaw Pet Insurance Policy?

You can Add multiple Pets by getting a Discount on the Insurance Policy. You will Get Gps tracker for your pet for free.

Everypaw Pet Insurance Policy Pricing

The Cost of Pet insurance varies depending on the breed of pet you have. Best way to know the Exact Insurance price, request for Quote.

Cancellation and Refunds:

If you decide you do not want the cover and wish to cancel your policy, you can do so within 14 days of the start date or the date you receive these policy documents (the “cooling off period”). You will receive a full refund of any premium you have paid provided no claim has been made under the terms of this policy. If you have made a claim, no refund of the premium will be payable.

Customer Support

If you have any doubts or queries you can contact the Everypaw Support Team on petcall

  • Over the Phone :0330 123 1923
  • Live Chat
  • Video call

Features of Everypaw insurance

  • It has multiple insurances for different types of pets with multi-pet discount
  • Until now 98% of claims have been paid by Everypaw
  • You can get unlimited call support from Professional Vets and nurses in UK 24/7
  • It has a pet insurance portal to manage all your different pet insurance in one place easily.
  • It provides multiple insurance policies for Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits
Features of Everypaw insurance

Which Everypaw Insurance do I need?

For new pet fur-parent, it is challenging to choose insurance. Hence to make it simple you can simply take Lifetime pet insurance. For any details, you can contact us here

How to contact Everypaw

Everypaw has Free unlimited 24/7 365 days support for all customers. you can get Free support from professional Vets and Nurses via a different medium. You can directly call vets over the phone or make use of pet call live chat or get on a video call with vets and nurses for any advice on pet care, nutrition, well-being, and any type of behavior of pets.

Petcall Live Chat

FAQs about Everypaw Insurance

How much is pet insurance

It depends on what pet is getting insured depending upon age, species, breed, and location. Get a free quote here

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

It covers Vets fees and treatment costs for illness or injury of the pet

Will My Pet Be Covered Straight Away?

No, for accidents, no cover-up to the first 3 days, and for illness, the waiting period is 14 days

How Do I Add Another Pet to My Policy?

It is under the multi-pet discount section on the pet insurance portal and clicks add existing pet button