Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance for Dogs

sainsbury's pet insurance for dogs

What is Sainsbury’s dog insurance?

Dog insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to cover the unexpected vet bills of your dog. Dog insurance can cover multiple Things such as the health of the dog, dental treatment of the dog, loss or theft of your dog, accidental cover, etc.

sainsbury’s pet insurance for dogs will help you keep your dog safe and healthy with the help of multiple insurance covers under them.

Features of Sainsbury’s dog insurance

  • You can choose flexible insurance and get coverage of vet fees up to €10,000
  • contact for any queries about the dog’s health victor power 24/7 vet assistance served by pet nurses anytime

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Different types of dog insurance

Lifetime Dog Insurance:

With this insurance, you can get your dog covered for an unlimited treatment period. It can cover a lifetime benefit of up to 10,000

Our most comprehensive offering. Your dog will be covered for total vet costs of up to £2,500, £5,000, £7,500, or £10,000 per year, depending on what cover you choose.

We’ll pay out for ongoing issues your dog may have throughout its lifetime – for as long as you’re with us.

Maximum benefit Dog Insurance

Your dog will be covered for accidents, illnesses, and conditions up to your chosen policy cover limit – £3,000 or £6,000

Your dog’s condition will simply be covered until the limit runs out and you reach the maximum benefit.

Subject to the condition limit, as long as you renew each year without a break in cover, the illness, injury or condition will continue to be covered.

Time-limited Dog Insurance

You can make claims for different treatments during the year, up to £3,000.

We’ll pay up to the individual limit for each condition, or for up to 12 months from the start of treatment – whichever comes first.

After this, you’ll need to pay for any ongoing treatment your dog needs yourself.

It’s more suitable for short-term health conditions.

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BenefitTime limited
Covers each condition for up to 12 months or up to max amount below
Maximum benefit
Covers up to the max amount per condition
Covers up to max amount each year
Treatment period12 monthsunlimitedunlimited
Treatment basisper conditionper conditionper year
Veterinary feesyesyesyes
Veterinary helplineyesyesyes
Additional benefitsyesyesyes
Holiday coveryesyesyes
BenefitTime limited £3,000Maximum benefit £6,000Lifetime £10,000
Dental Coverup to £3,000up to £6,000up to £10,000
Complementary Treatmentup to £500up to £1,500up to £1,500
Physiotherapyup to £500up to £1,500up to £1,500
Behavioural illnesses
(excludes the cost of any damage to your home)
up to £3,000up to £6,000up to £10,000
Overseas veterinary treatmentup to £3,000up to £6,000up to £10,000

What age can my dog be insured?

Dog’s age should be minimum of 8 weeks old.

Is Dental work covered?

yes it covers dental injury or illness but does not cover root canals or fillings

Do you need Dog Insurance?

If you want to protect your dog from unexpected health troubles then you need pet insurance. It helps you to become financially free while visiting the vet for any dog treatment.

There are multiple different policies to choose from according to your needs.

REMEMBER: Your Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance policy gives you access to our Sainsbury’s Bank Vet Assistance. This is for any non-emergency pet health
queries, behavioral and nutritional advice and an opportunity to talk to someone should you sadly lose your pet.